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Filsan provides technical assistance to potential and existing new American entrepreneurs.

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Learn more about the diversity training services provided by Filsan Talent Partners.

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There's Strength in Diversity

Filsan Talent Partners is a regional consultancy group that helps existing businesses attract, train, and retain employees of color.


The goal of Filsan is to provide training and educational opportunities focused on inclusion and integration in the greater central Minnesota business community. Diversity strengthens the workplace with unique ideas, communication, and engagement that encourages sustainable economic growth.

Our experienced team members deliver hands-on training, conflict resolution, real-world business experience, and long-term growth opportunities. We provide effective tools to encourage personal and professional growth and promote reach and brand recognition beyond set comfort zones. We believe all employees should feel comfortable in their work environment and enjoy coming to work each day. Employees should be motivated by making an impact, not by simply getting a paycheck.


We aim to promote cultural agility, competency, and inclusion, and to widen our cultural lens. We carry out that mission by identifying, screening, prepping, and placing employees of color. Our training and educational opportunities focus on inclusion rather than assimilation. Diversity in the workplace is not about numbers; it is about improving the workplace.


To create successful business relationships in the Central Minnesota community by celebrating diverse populations and leveraging workforce cultural backgrounds in innovative ways. We envision a business community where diversity is embraced as an economic asset.

Why Choose Filsan Talent Partners

Engage Employees

Engage Employees

Filsan assists employees with navigating unfamiliar workplaces, creating staff unity and helping engage New Americans in their work environment.

Integrate Business

Integrate Business

Filsan focuses on integration, not assimilation, to take full advantage of the cultural backgrounds of diverse workforces, honing a business’ competitive edge.

Expand Growth

Expand Growth

Filsan offers our clients the opportunity to effectively communicate with diverse populations, expanding the potential workforce to promote sustainable growth.

Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

Filsan develops strategies for confident workforce integration, helping companies discover the untapped value of diversity that lead to increases in market share and profitability.

Business and Workforce Development

  • Diversity Training in the Workplace

    Filsan is devoted to developing and advancing the workforce to meet the present and future needs of the communities we serve. We work to promote job and employer satisfaction. We provide effective workforce employment and training services to youth, adults, and businesses through job placement, internship, training, and connecting with local businesses.

    Filsan Talent Partners offers a wide array of services including:


    Training and Professional Development

    Staff Training

    Project Management

    Program Planning

    Employer and Employee Liaison