The following are just some of the positive remarks that our clients are saying about us. The Filsan team is pleased to find that our service is such a success and can be so beneficial to so many individuals, small business clients, organizations, and agencies.

  • “Hudda is a great presenter. I felt this was time well spent. I am personally very uninformed about the Somali culture. The session was very informative and I learned a lot.”
  • “Hudda answered some good questions that I often wondered about manners and traditions, etc.”
  • “I liked a lot about Hudda’s presentation. I learned a lot about Somali culture that I didn’t know before. Hudda seemed very knowledgeable and likeable.”

  • “I learned that they are more similarities than differences.”
  • “Hudda bridges the gap.”
  • “It was very awesome presentation that strengthened my perception.”

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