Diversity Training

Filsan recognizes the tangible need for the integration of new American and immigrant employees into companies.

While integration is important, it’s also crucial it’s done properly so that employees and employees effectively engage and communicate to achieve expected results. Conversely, there is a need to provide training to immigrant workers on the expectations and cultural norms they need to apply in order to succeed and advance in America’s workforce. This is where training comes in.

Filsan Talent Partners develops workshop and training materials for businesses and community members looking to dive deeper into topics like diversity and inclusion strategies, conflict resolution, recruitment and retention of diverse talent, performance management, leadership development, and the prevention of workplace harassment.

"As the leader of the Immigrant Employment Connection Group, we have worked very closely with Hudda and Abdi to
create specific cultural trainings to meet the needs of businesses in the community who are looking to hire the immigrant
population. Hudda is a dynamic and engaging speaker! Attendees feel comfortable asking Hudda questions and they
appreciate her direct answers. She is a valuable resource!"

Tammy Biery
Executive Director
Career Solutions

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