Cost of Workplace Conflict

Conflict resolution practitioners taught me at the University of Notre Dame that conflict is an inevitable part of our both personal life and our workplace. That’s why I often say conflict can be transformed, but can’t be prevented all together.

Unresolved issues may result in bad reputation of the company and lack of good moral in its employees. If left undealt with, absence, walkouts, resignation, high employee turnover and many other negative work-related issues crop up.
Employers should

  • Make your expectations clear
  • Improve cross-cultural communication across organizations
  • Attend on-site Cultural Competency Training
  • Prevent incendiary language that fans conflict
  • Encourage employees to express their opinions without fear of being bullied.
  • Avoid using coercion and intimidation
  • Avoid both explicit and implicit work discrimination
  • Everyone’s opinions matter

Employees should

  • Know their Company’s Policies
  • Follow the rules of the work
  • Be punctual
  • Communicate better in case an issue arises
  • Partake in American work ethics training sessions
  • Report if you are being discriminated or name-called by your work colleagues or leads to the company’s top managers or directors

Conflict does not disappear. In the work place, when conflicts go unresolved, they will have a negative impact on a company’s productivity and staff teamwork. If your company has some dormant issues, you need to hire a skilled conflict management team that is well versed in problem solving abilities.
Our team will be able to conduct on-the-site training geared towards conflict resolution techniques. During our session, we will listen to all parties involved understanding the nature of conflict, and then start troubleshooting solutions. We will give each side a chance to voice their side. We are determined to be impartial. Filsan team is aware of the importance of progress and productivity in our region is our top priorities. Nip conflict in the bud!